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Morgan Keegan Bond Mutual Funds

Morgan Keegan is a Memphis, Tennessee based broker-dealer that sold multiple bond funds to investors.  The funds were run by Jim Kelsoe, the chief-fixed income investment officer of the Memphis-based brokerage's Morgan Asset Management. The seven mutual funds include four Regions Morgan Keegan closed-end funds: Advantage Income Fund, High Income Fund, Multi-Sector High Income Fund and Strategic Income Fund; and three open-end funds: Regions Morgan Keegan Select Short Term Bond Fund, Intermediate Bond Fund and High Income Fund.

Morgan Keegan represented the Regions Morgan Keegan funds as low-risk bond funds. They turned out to be highly concentrated in subprime mortgage-backed securities and CDO's. The losses are astounding. For example, The Select High Income lost 75% through February 28, 2008 and the Select Intermediate Bond lost 84%.

Our firm, have been retained by investors who lost millions of dollars in the Regions Morgan Keegan funds.  Investors can file arbitrations at FINRA against Morgan Keegan related to the bond funds. 
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